v1.2 – Client-Server dispatch without the server (and hassles)!

By Andrew Thompson | Product Updates, SmartBridge Dispatcher, | 08th September 2017

In a couple of days we will release v1.2 of the SmartBridge Suite. Apart from some awesome new functionality focused on dispatchers this release sets the technology base for realtime exchange of data between SmartBridge apps and SmartBridge Control cloud environment that will deliver some very exciting opportunities over the next few months.

Dispatch Sync is now here!

Dispatcher Sync is like having a full client server dispatch system, with unlimited dispatchers, in 1 or multiple locations but without the server, hassles, and cost to setup.

SmartBridge Dispatchers that are synch’d can all see incoming call records, locations of the field users on maps, what messages have come in/out, lists of operations; regardless of who spoke to the field worker. Dispatchers don’t even have to be in the same office. You can have multiple Dispatchers in multiple offices, or even a Dispatcher operating from the field using cellular to Synch with their dispatcher group.

Now you can link all, or just a smaller group of SmartBridge Dispatch enabled dispatchers in less than 10 seconds by simply changing a setting to “On”. Want more dispatchers? Just setup a SmartBridge Dispatcher on a tablet and turn on Dispatcher Synch. Done.

Dispatch Management can even use SmartBridge Dispatcher on a tablet, anywhere they have wifi or cellular access to see what the Dispatchers are seeing.

Whether on MPT or DMR, or both!, the Dispatcher experience is the same. No servers, no server radio™s, no firewall or IT costs or issues with AIS or DIP interfaces, no hassles, no costly installation, just all the functionality of a fully fledged multi-user touch screen radio dispatch system across MPT and DMR.  All setup within a couple of hours.

SmartBridge Dispatcher and Mobile improvements

There are a number of other improvements we have made to SmartBridge Dispatcher and Mobile;

  • Improvements to GPS capture by SmartBridge Mobile and updates to Dispatcher. When the radio body is out of radio network coverage GPS position is still captured by SmartBridge Mobile, but can now be sent immediately to SmartBridge Control over cellular/IP, and then immediately synch’d up to the SmartBridge Dispatcher(s).
  • Improvements to GPS Store and forward options so data is stored and forwarded, or updated in real-time if a IP network is available (ie WiFi and/or Cellular).
  • New default values make it even quicker to get up and running with SmartBridge Dispatcher and mobile. We have also released a default codeplug for TP9300’s covering MPT and DMR that match the default values in SmartBridge Dispatcher to ensure you can get up and running even faster! Just update the radio idents in the programming file, and you are done!
  • Improvements to interaction between SBD and the Tait TP9300’s on DMR.
  • Improvements to the settings for which page to switch to on incoming call and messages, and switching back to previous pages at the end of the call.
  • various UI and menu improvements.
  • Improvements to the integration of contacts from corporate environments (eg Google contacts, Exchange or other).
  • Enabling external speaker on tablets for ringing and alert tones, but still enabling asynchronous call recording.

SmartBridge Control improvements

There are a number of improvements to the web app SmartBridge Control;

  • Increase in number of operations. Previously you could only have 8 Operatioins buttons on screen, now you have an unlimited number accessed by simply swiping up to display more. We will be extending this functionality further to also include standard operations accessed from these easy to use buttons, eg predefined call divert and divert to local voicemail.
  • Validation of a new SmartBridge Mobile or Dispatcher unit is now displayed in the Activities grid.
  • Improved markers and popup labels on the map.
  • Improvements to marker colours and push notifications to the browser.
  • Updating the device name on the SmartBridge tablet now immediately reflects in the SmartBridge web grids.
  • Call recordings playback no longer defaults to maximum. The volume the user sets is now remembered for the session.
  • Call recording audio files when downloaded now save as *.wav so they can be emailed and/or embedded in reports.

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