FreshRF and Motorola Solutions ADP

By Andrew Thompson | General Information, Industry News, | 21th September 2016

The FreshRF team is very proud to announce its acceptance into the Motorola Solutions Application Developer Program.

FreshRF has previously worked with Motorola Solutions radios, developing modems for use with Motorola MPT1327 radios in New Zealand and Australia, and AVL interfaces on LTR systems in New Jersey.

“We have extensive experience with two-way radio across voice, data and GPS, and have enhanced our experience during the past five years with the digital migration to Digital Mobile Radio (DMR). We are very excited about the opportunities the Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO and ASTRO P25 ranges offer our customers. Our initial focus will be to leverage the power of Motorola Solutions’ DP4000e, XPR5000e and DM4000e, XPR7000e series radios with our SmartBridge applications for dispatch, in-vehicle, and wearable applications. The two-way radio market is a USD10 billion dollar industry with CAGR exceeding 13% and Motorola Solutions is a definitive brand in the market. Customers seek more capabilities from their two-way radio investments; upgrading from analogue to digital technologies enables them with more flexible communications to achieve greater productivity. We see enormous potential for growth in this market” says Andrew Thompson, CEO.

“We are impressed with Motorola Solutions’ Application Development Program’s structure and support. With Motorola Solutions’ support and as a result of the flexible architecture SmartBridge products provide, we expect to integrate SmartBridge with Motorola Solutions radios and ready for trial in early 2017. We look forward to discussing these opportunities with our Motorola customers soon.”

About FreshRF: FreshRF is bringing a Fresh new face to tried an proven RF hardware via our SmartBridge applications. Applications such as SmartBridge Dispatcher which delivers a complete Dispatcher solution, installed and operational within 20 minutes. Contact us anytime at