New SmartBridge radio dispatcher App released to Google Playstore

By Andrew Thompson | General Information, Product Updates, SmartBridge Dispatcher, | 03th July 2016

FreshRF have today released SmartBridge Dispatcher for use with 2-way radio to the Google Playstore.

SmartBridge Dispatcher is a complete touch screen radio dispatcher solution designed to operate on Samsung tablets. SmartBridge Dispatcher is simply downloaded from the Google Playstore, plug the cables into the radio and go! We have designed the app, and implementation process so you can have your dispatchers operational in under 20 minutes!

A complete radio dispatcher solution.

SmartBridge Dispatcher now includes a significant amount of functionality and configuration options;

  1. Simple plug and play interface to (initially) Tait radio’s for DMR Tier III and MPT1327. This will be expanded to cover Tier II and conventional in the near future.
  2. AVL (GPS location) – Receive DirectConnect location messages from radio’s in the field and display them on the map.
  3. Messaging – Send and receive free form and precanned SDM’s (text messages).
  4. Status messaging – Use status messaging from the field, to indicate actions. Then by tapping on the screen respond, eg CallBack, Emergency, OnSite, Access Issue.
  5. Call start/end and full radio control – Using Contacts just like on your smartphone, dial field radio’s, and see who is calling when they call you. Includes integration with Exchange server.
  6. Radio control – We have built a number of functions into the radio control so you can do things at the tap of the screen including setting diverts, DND, and many other functions.

Complete details of SmartBridge Dispatcher and FAQ’s can be found on the website.

MPT1327 and DMR Tier III Support

SmartBridge Dispatcher supports MPT1327 and DMR TierIII and Tait radio’s from older T20xx to the latest TM9300.

The application functionality now automatically re-configures based on the network type and protocol stack. This means you can start using SmartBridge Dispatcher with an older T20xx (or TM82xx) and as migration to DMR TierIII continues the user interface (and training investment) doesn’t change, only the RF body changes.

This RF control functionality now extends to allowing a touch screen interface to change the RF body from MPT to DMR, or between MPT networks.

SmartBridge Dispatcher provides a significant step forward in cost, simplicity, productivity improvements and ease of implementing a comprehensive dispatcher solution for small to medium fleets, and as a field enhancement to much larger and more expensive dispatch console options.

With extensive experience in radio this release signals the start of a significant evolution in radio usability and integration with the enterprise beyond just voice comms.

Full contact details are available on the FreshRF website. SmartBridge Dispatcher can be downloaded from the playstore.



* SmartBridge Dispatcher is for use in conjunction with the SmartBridge suite of tools for radio operations and related licences.