SmartBridge Phone and SmartBridge IO – MPT and DMR Applications

By andrew | Product Updates, SmartBridge IO, SmartBridge Phone, | 02th January 2018

Full Press release here: FreshRF press release - SmartBridge Phone - Jan 2018 January 04, 2018 - The t

v1.2 – Client-Server dispatch without the server (and hassles)!

By andrew | Product Updates, SmartBridge Dispatcher, | 08th September 2017

In a couple of days we will release v1.2 of the SmartBridge Suite. Apart from some awesome new functionality focused on dispatchers this release sets the technology base for realtime exchange of data between SmartBridge apps and SmartBridge Control cloud environment that will deliver some very exciting opportunities over the next few months.

Dispatch Sync i

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