SmartBridge Dispatcher v1.1.4 for Tait radios

By Andrew Thompson | Product Updates, SmartBridge Dispatcher, | 25th July 2016

FreshRF have release the latest version of SmartBridge Dispatcher v1.1.4  for use with Tait radios in a Dispatch environment.

Feedback from users has been great and we are pleased to release v1.1.4 which will upgrade automatically to tablets on Tuesday 26th.

  1. Support for TDF2 on Tait DMR radio’s.
  2. Emergency voice calls now show up more distinctly than normal voice calls.
  3. Support for alerts on Operations – For each operation you can;
    • Play a sound (user selected).
    • Pop-up a dialog, and from the dialog you can immediately call, poll, or display the radio on the map.
    • Change to and display the last location of that unit on the map.
  4. Polling Tait radio’s on DMR eg TP9300 has been improved.
  5. Various improvements to 2 & 3 digit dialing when not using the contact list.
  6. We have made improvements to the speed of display of the call logs, contacts, and auto-updating of contact lists via Exchange or other corporate server.
  7. Further options for page to display on incoming call, reverting to a specific page at call end.
  8. Various other performance improvements have been made.

This release also fully aligns the latest protocol stack for DMR TierIII and has been heavily tested with the upcoming release of SmartBridge Mobile and SmartBridge Control.