DigiFleet DMR launch, SmartBridge v1.1.8 release with Lone Worker

By Andrew Thompson | General Information, Industry News, Product Updates, SmartBridge Dispatcher, SmartBridge Mobile, | 14th November 2016

The FreshRF team were thrilled to be part of the launch of the Skycom DigiFleet DMR Tier III network in Auckland and the release of the Lone Worker system. We were demoing all the SmartBridge products along with our partner Samsung. It was fantastic to see how excited dealers and customers were with the simplicity of converging radio into IT. All on a low cost touch screen tablet. This highlighted the ability to leverage the radio business case through integration and the ease of adding other corporate productivity apps.

We have been making further improvements to SmartBridge Dispatcher as detailed below.

v1.1.8 – Improvements

  1. Improvements to Group calls and how they are displayed in the logs.
  2. Improvements to the logging of Off Fleet calls which are now automatically added to Contacts, so you can easily go to Contacts and update those later.
  3. We’ve simplified the allocation of networks (MPT and TierIII) to ease analog-digital migration. We removed the constraint of user defined Operations eg CallBack, or Emergency, being tied to a specific network.
  4. We improved the performance of the “unread” counter on Operations.
  5. The buttons at the bottom of the Operations page on SmartBridge Dispatcher now have black text to make them easier to read.
  6. A few internal performance improvements.

 New Lone Worker / Welfare feature

A number of dealers and customers have asked for Welfare and Lone Worker functionality similar to what we have in SmartBridge Enterprise, but simpler.

In SmartBridge Dispatcher there is a new “Welfare” button. This opens a new form showing workers that have active welfare plans in operation. It dispalys when they are supposed to check-in next and what plan they are on. The new Lone Worker system includes automated welfare timers and reminders. It works with SmartBridge Mobile and standalone radios, eg TP93xx, Hytera PD78xx, TP8100.

This functionality will benefit customers on MPT and DMR. It is field radio agnostic supporting mixed fleets all managed centrally by SmartBridge Dispatcher.

Further exciting updates coming! Stay tuned on our blog, or contact us here.