Clients upgrade to SmartBridge Enterprise v8.6 – Radio Dispatch Console

By Andrew Thompson | Industry News, Product Updates, | 27th March 2016

SmartBridge-Enterprise is a fully integrated voice, data and AVL radio dispatch console solution.

We get real enthusiasm from having new clients demonstrate confidence in us and our products by joining our growing client base, but it is enormously satisfying  and we take great pride in supporting existing clients with upgrades and configurations to improve their business.

Two of TVD’s clients recently completed upgrades to PARIS-Dispatcher v8.6. We were thrilled to get some great feedback on their experience both with the upgrade process and the new functionality. These two organisations have quite different business requirements, but both rely heavily on product reliability and our on-going commitment to support, innovation and product development.

Although SmartBridge-Enterprise is a mature well tested product that already supports MPT1327 and P25 this version contained a large number of innovations to support DMR, multiple AVL feeds and many user experience improvements. Here’s a snapshot of what these clients had to say about this latest upgrade;

Ministry for Primary Industries (formed from the Ministry of Fisheries and Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry ) is charged with the roles of education and enforcement of laws to ensure a sustainable fishery for recreational and commercial fishers. Fisheries officers patrol via land, sea and air to ensure that the fishery is protected and enjoyed by all New Zealanders. Fisheries officers are often placed in challenging positions, in remote locations, when conducting their patrols and operations.

“….Field officer safety is absolutely paramount, and we’ve been using PARIS-Dispatcher in our Wellington Command Center for over 6 years. With Fisheries officers spread across the country dealing with enforcement and education, ensuring that they have good communications is critical. We are committed to efficient operations, fast response, and managing a tight budget so PARIS-Dispatcher has meant we can run a large field team of fisheries officers with a tight and efficient command center team. This latest upgrade was completed in less than 2 hours and is working well. TVD provided full support during planning and the upgrade itself…” Bridget Murphy, Team Manager Communication Centre.

There is no question that Fisheries (now MPI) have created a world-class and efficient command center ensuring they deliver the services mandated by government legislation and the expectations of the public. We are very proud to be able to support them in their objectives.


Port Otago Ltd – is responsible for the efficient movement of sea freight arriving and leaving the port by rail and road. With a port footprint constrained by cliffs on one side and the sea on the other, being able to efficiently and safely manage container and freight movements is critical to the financial performance of the port. Senior management reports on the outcomes of the PARIS-Dispatcher implementtaion and the latest upgrade are very encouraging;

“…Using high resolution geo-referenced ortho-photo’s coupled with real-time vehicle monitoring, all feeding into SmartBridge has meant we have an instant view of the location and status of all side-loaders and straddle carriers on the port. Pulling vehicle and driver performance data in from the DASH AVL system in real-time gives us the ability to visualise the operations on screen, report on it historically, and improve driver communications and education. SmartBridge is an invaluable tool for our port operations. The latest upgrade went without a hitch and was all done in less than an hour! It certainly makes a difference having an all-software solution. We like the new auto-reconnect and update service from the AVL feed and having the flexibility to move communications to DMR in future as we review our analog communications infrastructure is very attractive…”

Port Otago’s ability to easily leverage PARIS-Dispatcher beyond the normal Dispatch Console into a complete Operations Management tool really demonstrates the core DNA behind the products. Our focus on visualising large amounts of data and helping solve operational issues as well as delivering reliable communications ensures clients can truly leverage their investments. We look forward to supporting Port Otago in their constant desire to improve port efficiency.

As CEO it really gives me great pleasure to see our team endeavor to develop great products, being matched by great client outcomes.