SmartBridge Enterprise

SmartBridge Enterprise Overview

SmartBridge EnterpriseSmartBridge Enterprise is a complete client server 2-way radio dispatch solution. SmartBridge Enterprise is designed to fit into a corporate IT environment and bridge the gap between IT, Radio, and Operations.

The user interface is intuitive and operational functionality for communications, health and safety tried and proven.

Supporting MPT, DMR and P25 environments simply, quickly, and cost effectively.

Modern user interface supporting multiple networks.

SmartBridge Enterprise is designed for simplicity of operation, hiding a highly complex interface with the radios and operational triggers. Using IP/Serial interfaces it is possible to have multiple radios on different networks all connected and available to a dispacher. In the case of MPT and DMR a single radio can be set to change networks simply based on the field radio the dispatcher is trying to call.

SmartBridge Enterprise includes full audio comms, as well as health and safety welfare management, AVL, Messaging, use of SDM's for simplifying operational requirements, and a full audit log of actions for H&S audit reporting.

Full AVL 

SmartBridge Enterprise supports multiple AVL feeds whether GPS reports from the radio, or 3rd party AVL feed based on cellular, linked to the radio user. All vehicle locations (even non-radio) can be shown on the map and tracked with historic overlays.

The same right click menu and options to call or message a unit are avilable on the map as they are from any of the grids. There is full context sensitive calling, messaging, and polling, based on the configuration of the slected unit.


Multiple Maps and display scripts

SmartBridge Enterprise recognises that communicating is just part of the overall operational workflow and getting jobs done.

Part of that is being able to bring in key operational data that will drive the need to communicate with field units, and to see them in a very context sensitive way.

In this case integrating a cellular based AVL with I/O, displaying Sideloaders and Straddle carriers according to the status of containers and movements, but still enabling a radio based communication, when the dispatcher ses something that warrants them communicating with the unit in question. All in real-time display over a high resolution geo-referenced Ortho-Photo.

Operational audit and control

Now more than ever with serious obligations on managers and directors for Health and Safety reporting, having a complete auditr log of communications is a critical part of compliance.

SmartBridge builds on the pedigree of integrating operational requirements, not just setting up a call or sending a message, with the overall goals of efficient operations, as wella s efficient communications.

Technical Specifications

The following provides an overview of the environment for deploying SmartBridge Enterprise;

IT environment Windows Server 2012, SQL Server on dedicated server hardware or visualized and distributed.
Workstations Windows v7 or greater.
radio and network Tait TM20xx, TM82xx, TM93xx, Hytera Tier III, Tait TM92xx. MPT1327, DMR Tier III, P25 Conventional.


The following should help answer a few of the frequently asked questions.


Yes! We have extensive knowledge working with corporate IT departments and understand the need to optimize infrastructure. There are many options to suit your environment. The SmartBridge Enterprise database can be located in your SQL Server database “farm” while the core SmartBridge services can be located on a seperate virtualised server. Radio connections can all be done by IP.

SmartBridge Enterprise is designed to integrate. We have an extensive webservice interface that allows you to feed in AVL data from a 3rd party AVL (or more than one) provider, and then link that to a unit in SmartBridge Enterprise. So you can have AVL from cellular (or satellite), and comms via the radio, but all in one place.