SmartBridge Dispatcher

SmartBridge Dispatcher Overview

Smartbridge DispatcherSmartBridge Dispatcher is designed to combine the key elements dispatchers need for communicating and managing radio users in the field; Voice, messaging, and to show where those units are on a map. The app is touch optimised making use and navigation as simple as using any tablet app. Being an App downloaded and installed from the Google Playstore, it also updates automatically so you have no software support or upgrade issues. 

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Comprehensive radio Dispatcher solution

  • Installed and operational in under 15 minutes.
  • Automatic upgrades to every dispatcher just like any app.
  • AVL and mapping standard.
  • Answer and make calls 
  • Setup standard operations and reduce voice traffic by utilising status and message capabilities.
  • Single and group calls.
  • All operational controls for radio eg stun, DND, divert, using check boxes not long # * key commands.

Contacts and IT integration

SmartBridge provides a straightforward way to integrate radio into your IT environment. Contacts and their radio idents are managed either on the device via the contacts application, or through Exchange/outlook simplifying the process of updating contacts.

Users can "flick" up/down, or type to find a contact, and then simply tap on the contact to call their radio. It is intuitive and simple to use removing training overhead.

Full AVL and comms from map

Display vehicles and field workers on a map, with added ability to tap and call or poll the worker. Using well understood "tap, pinch, zoom" navigation users can easily see where units are, and initiate comms directly from the map. Units are colour coded to make it easy to see if they are active or not. Map data is global and can be cached on the units if they are going to be offline, eg in SAR operations.

All Tait DirectConnect formats are supported and recognised automatically meaning you can just plug SmartBridge Dispatcher straight into your fleet. 

Full call and message log with real names

A complete call and message log. Calls and messages in/out and missed calls. Simply "flick" up and down the call log to find the call, and tap to call or message.

See who is calling, and answer at the tap of the screen. Soft PTT from the screen, or use an existing fist, foot or desk mic control.

Indicator of missed calls, messages, and operational status updates on the menu so it's simple to see what you missed! No more wondering why the radio is beeping at you!  

Start using radio for Operations, not just comms.

SmartBridge Dispatcher makes it simple to start using the radio status capability to simplify dispatcher and field user communications. For example staff can quickly send a "Call Back" request, and the dispatcher can see it in the list of operations events, tap on the row and call the field radio.

A dispatcher may recieve multiple operation status updates from multiple field users, they can quickly see ones that demand urgent atention, such as an "Emergency", which would take priority over an "on Break" status notiifcation.

Technical Specifications

SmartBridge Dispatcher is designed to be simple to install, simple to use, and simple to support. The following provides details on the requirements to install and operate SmartBridge Dispatcher.

Additional information can also be found in the FAQ's.


Hardware Required Samsung tablet (eg SM-T350/T355 or SM-P550/P555), Samsung adapter ET-UP900, FreshRF USB-Serial cable kit to suit the radio (DB15 or DB9). Contact FreshRF for cable options if wanting to use TP93xx radios for mobile dispatcher operations such as SAR.
Radio Requirements Tait Mobile: T20xx with serial board (MPT1327), TM82xx (MPT1327), TM93xx (DMR TierIII and MPT1327). FreshRF provide example programming files for both dispatcher and mobile/portable radios.
Installation effort Send someone out with a TP9300 to Subway to buy you a 6"; Power on the tablet, install the SmartBridge Dispatcher app from the Google Playstore, plug cables into the radio, make a couple of test calls, send some messages to the TP9300, on the map watch them bring your 6" back; eat lunch.


The following FAQ's cover various typical questions users may have. If you have additional questions please contact us.

Radio Specific Questions - SmartBridge Dispatcher

Yes! It supports off fleet voice and SDM (and directconnect SDM’s). In fact it is so smart you get  real names displaying, not the nomal “OffFlt”. This allows you much greater flexibility with fleet numbering plans.

Correct! All the user does is turn on the tablet and the SmartBridge app will update all by its self. Just like any app on your smartphone. Just think what that will save you!

The TP9300 Bluetooth connection and protocol only supports audio, it does not support data for radio control.

Yes. Depending on the radio you may have to buy a GPS licence key, and program the radio to send GPS messages to the Dispatcher. Talk to your radio dealer about that.

Yes! This fully portable solution is perfect for mobile teams such as you might find in SAR or tactical operations. In this scenario you can have field forces using TP9300Õs with GPS built in and the ÒDispatcherÓ uses a TP9300 and tablet in a vehicle or temporary field control environment.

Absolutely! FreshRF have an aggressive technology roadmap to support other radio bodies and networks, while ensuring we continue to support existing ones as new radio firmware becomes available.

No, not at this stage, but we are actively looking at this and would welcome contact from dealers or end users with a suitably large fleet to justify this work.

FreshRF protocol stack has been re-written and re-written over many years and more recently optimised for the Android environment. The SmartBridge application effectively communicates with the radio using the specific protocol stack to suit the radio. Think of it like the old days of computers interfaced to a modem telling the modem what to do, and getting updates back on status.

No. However we are regularly looking at enhancements that can improve the usability of the radioÕs. Please contact us for a detailed overview of enhancements requested on the radio firmware.

ÒRadio TXTÓ messages are limited according to the type of network. On radio networks the bandwidth for sending data is much lower (1,200 Ð 9,600 baud) and so sending very large messages can impact the network, so they are constrained in size. Talk to your network provider about capacity.

At this stage we have focussed on the highly regarded Tait radio’s. These include T2000 (with UART), TM8xxx, TM9000, TP93xx, TP81xx, Orca. We are actively working to support different radio bodies across MPT, DMR, P25 and LTE.

Currently the protocol stack supports MPT1327 and DMR Tier3, we will soon be adding our other protocol stacks for P25 and Conventional (TierII and analog). Please contact us if you have a requirement which may fast track our roadmap.

General questions for SmartBridge Dispatcher

No problem. We own the whole solution stack so are happy to discuss how we can make this work best for you. Depending on the requirements we will charge an hourly rate for scoping, and then quote either an estimate or fixed price for the complete work including testing. Our rates are consistent with other software development rates, and of course we know radio!

There are literally hundreds of mounts or docks for tablets to suit any application. We recommend the Rammount solutions, for SmartBridge tablet mounts. eBay and other online stores have many options. You do not need a powered docking station. The cables provided will deliver power and data.

No. We have another product SmartBridge-Enterprise that runs on a client-server environment for customers that have larger system.

By the time you compare the costs of installation, upgrades, hardware, support and hassle, we think you will find the tablet option comes out a long way ahead for the target market.

Yes! For Dispatchers that need to be completely wireless and un-tethered from the radio, or where the radio body has to be mounted away from the dispatcher, eg near splitting/combining equipment, we can run the radio-tablet interface over WiFi! Similarly we can run the audio wireless using industry standard headsets such as the Plantronics CS060.

ÒRadio TXTÓ messages are limited according to the type of network. On radio networks the bandwidth for sending data is much lower (1,200 Ð 9,600 baud) and so sending very large messages can impact the network, so they are constrained in size. Talk to your network provider about capacity.

Yes. You can set the Status and give them real names and simply tap the screen to activate a status send. No radio programming required.

Yes. You can have pre-canned messages. However because itÕs now so simple to type messages, most people donÕt need this now.

Yes. Status messages generally have to be programmed into the radio. Also be aware that sending ÒTXTÓ messages from mobiles and portables is very hard.

Just like you would for any map on a tablet, using swipe/drag and pinch zoom.

Yes. A Bluetooth keyboard connected to the tablet will also work with SmartBridge.

Yes. You can have a mixed fleet of; Mobiles or Portables that have SmartBridge connected, Mobiles or Portables without SmartBridge, but that have GPS and DirectConnect enabled. Mobiles and Portables that are voice only. Just be aware that those radioÕs will be limited by the capabilities built into the radio.

Yes. You can have a mixed fleet of; Mobiles or Portables of different makes and models including those that are GPS enabled for DirectConnect (eg TP9300 and TM82xx, TM93xx), and Mobiles and Portables that are voice only. Just be aware that those radioÕs will be limited by the capabilities built into the radio.

Yes! You can simply install the SmartBridge Dispatcher and start communicating with your fleet.

Yes. You can use existing PTT Mics.

No, not at this stage. We have considered this and would be interested in partnering with a customer that had plans for a large iOS deployment. Please contact us if you think this might suit you.

As you would expect, we reviewed dozens of tablets and Android OS implementations from all sorts of manufacturers and OEM’s. At this stage we consider that for our users globally the Samsung tablets provide an excellent platform for support requirements, at a price and functionality point that will suit clients. They are readily available, have excellent support/warranty, there are reliable 3rd party mounting options from companies like We are constantly evaluating the best solutions for our customers so feel free to talk to us if you have a different requirement.

Yes, but be aware it has been designed for a 10″ tablet or larger, so if you try and run it on a phone it will be challenging to use.

No! SmartBridge Dispatcher is just an app, like any other app on the playstore. When we release a new version, it will just update automagically! All at once, across all your offices, and transperantly for users. Brilliant isnt it! 🙂

Typically it will take you about 15-30 minutes to install the app, do some preliminary setup of field units in SmartBridge and then able to start making and receiving calls, sending messages, status, and seeing units on the map.