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All FreshRF apps can be downloaded by customers, self installed and managed just like any other app! Just click on the Google Play icon on each product page.

In some cases you will need radio body re-programming. This is an excellent opportunity to chat with one of our dealers, get a professional install and look at having an “electronic service” to make sure your RF environment is in top condition. Our Dealers below are also able to provide you with a high level of local support and advice. If you want to do it yourself that’s great too, otherwise just give them a call, they might even shout you a coffee!

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No problem! Use any of the contact details here to call us or send us a message and the team at FreshRF will help you out directly.

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If you currently work with a Dealer or Installer that you think is reputable, reliable and would make a good addition to the FreshRF dealer community please go to our Contacts page and let us know their details and we’ll be happy to contact them. Alternatively, please have them contact us directly.

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Are you a Dealer or Reseller?

If you think you have a customer base that would benefit from the FreshRF product sets, please get in touch with us and lets discuss that. We can show you how we can help you thrill your customers with new product that is simple to install, manage and delivers real operational efficiencies. It'll also generate additional revenue!

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