About Us

We've been around a long time...

Back in the days before 5G and even before flip phones running on AMPS networks, every electricity utility had their own 2-way radio network (many still do). It was the only way dispatchers could communicate with crews! FreshRF started out as a product set designed for electronic job dispatch (at 800 baud! ) to Utility field crews running compaq ipaqs with hardwired serial interfaces to T2000 radios. 

Over the years we have written our own protocol stacks for Map27, developed hardware modems for Motorola radios, built GPS and I/O boards to go inside Tait radios, we've re-written firmware for old EF Johnson modems to send encoded data on control channels... the list goes on. We've done the hard yards integrating radio with IT and know that working with radio as a fully integrated solution is not easy, until now.

The 2-way radio, evolved.

FreshRF delivers a clean fresh interface to radio. The radio has evolved to an app that retains the excellent RF capabilities, but provides full control of the radio body via an intuitive, simple to use user interface running on a standard Samsung tablet. It's easy to use, maintain, and very importantly; deploy and upgrade. We've taken all our code, protocols, technical knowledge and what we know customers, dealers and radio installers need and want, then created tools which make using radio easy, interesting, and frankly, the way it should be, Simple!.

SmartBridge Overview

SmartBridge is a suite of products that bridge the traditional, tried, and proven RF capabilities of a 2-way radio body, with usability, integration, and part of a complete IT and communications eco-system. The SmartBridge family of products will continue to grow as we bring more of our customer enabling technology to the fore.