SmartBridge Control

SmartBridge Control - The hub of radio comms and Ops

SmartBridge Control is the web based hub for management and reporting on all SmartBridge units. SmartBridge Control centralises all the information and management of your fleet; where are the units and where have they been, voice comms, messages, call recording, reporting, and ability to control who can view and edit this information. All SmartBridge units are activated and managed from SmartBridge Control. In the near future you will be able to provision and configure radio's from this responsive web based app, all without touching the vehicle. Benefits of visibility, safety, management, and simple fleet wide configuration updates are now realiseable.

Activate your account now and start exploring the enormous benefits of SmartBridge enabling your radio comms.

Realtime Dashboard 

A comprehensive realtime dashboard provides management and operations staff a simple, fast, intuitive overview of the activity on the network. How many active units, how many calls, failed call attempts, where are the units distributed across the network?

  • It’s all there in an interface that is responsive and adjusts for mobile/tablet use.
  • SmartBridge Control screens can be expanded to full screen for display on control room LCD TV's and wallboards at the touch of a button.

All units - last location and activity

A simple list of all the units, their types, the street address where they were last located (when available) as well as the actual lat/long provides an additional level of safety and transparency to field unit movements.

Simple and intuitive functions to sort and group, and export to tools such as excel ensure that the whole environment fits simply within a typical operations IT environment.

Consolidated AVL and Mapping

Intuitive fast maps with dynamic unit grouping based on zoom levels with real-time updates. Staff using SmartBridge Dispatcher will see their group of units, but you will want to see the entire fleet and status.

Some units may be on MPT some on DMR, all are shown and available for reporting in SmartBridge Control. 

Full audit log of activity and call recordings

Capture all the SmartBridge radio activity on the network, see how many calls in/out from a particular unit, how many messages were sent to/from a unit. What was the last activity and where. All audit logged, updated in near real-time, and simply exported for future analysis.

Call recordings from SmartBridge Dispatcher units are able to be replayed and downloaded from SmartBridge Control.

RSSI heatmaps

RSSI is a premium feature set designed for network operators and managers. When used in conjunction with SmartBridge Mobile you can automatically build up actual coverage maps as the radio sees it, not a theoretical propagation study. This heat map details the RSSI value, site and even channel, all GPS geo-referenced and time stamped, and linked to the actual RF unit capturing the data.

This can be used to optimise site and node configurations, and for individual vehicles to eliminate poor reception issues due to antenna or radio issues. An overlay of the actual call or message up/down allows detailed analysis of "black spots" and can be used to enhance network coverage and comparison of actual user experience with original propagation studies. This data can be exported for overlay with GIS and other operational tools.

Technical requirements

SmartBridge Control is simple to setup, use and manage.

Browser Requirements SmartBridge Control is supported on most tier 1 browsers. SmartBridge Control uses the latest push technologies and so we recommend Microsoft IE11 and Google Chrome for PC, Tablet, and phone.


The following FAQ's cover typical questions users have. If you have additional questions please contact us.

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